We are committed to respect, guarantee and secure your privacy and anonymity at any time. As such we make sure that any MOTUS Research is in order with the privacy regulations of the country in which the research is issued.

Privacy and anonymity

All data collected within the frame of a MOTUS Research will only be used for the purposes stated in the research description. You can consult this description at any time at the research overview page (accessible after logging in). Your data are confident and will be stored anonymously. At no time during any research process your research data can be linked to your personal information without your permission.

Protection of contact information

Your contact information is only accessible for the researchers that are responsible for progress and follow-up of the MOTUS Research in which you participate during the period of the research. Additionally, your contact information will only be used within the framework of the particular MOTUS Research to provide you with highly necessary information (f.e. sending you a new password, sending you a reminder, ...). If you joined the MOTUS Community to be invited for upcoming researchers, you'll agree that the research manager of MOTUS is allowed to use your contact information to invite you for a new MOTUS Research.

What is the MOTUS Research Platform?

The MOTUS Research Platform hosts MOTUS Researches, divided over many scientific disciplines, policy domains, and business strategies. Overall, MOTUS Researches are studies with a strong emphasis on human behaviour and the context in which it takes place to get a better understanding of current and future behaviour.