Pedestrian area Brussels

Brussels City Center, Pedestrian area and life styles

We are looking for participants for a new study about the pedestrian area of Brussels’ city center, located on the Boulevard Anspach.

This exciting research is about citizen’s experience of the changes to the city.

For the study to be representative, it is important that all kinds of visitors (regulars, casuals and even non-visitors), of the pedestrian zone take part in the study.

For these reasons we invited you to participate in this innovative research. Let’s get to know Brussels better, together.

Goal of the study

The research aims to understand how the pedestrian area impacts the daily life of its users, former users, and even those who never make use of it.

We will use the findings to advise policy makers on different domains such as mobility, employment, cultural activities, shopping, leisure, tourism, living environment, … .

Activities and experiences as the main focus

We aim to study the position of the pedestrian area through the activities and experiences people encounter in their interaction with the Pedestrian area.

To capture these activities and experiences in a convenient way we created an application called MOTUS. Through this application we ask you to register your time use and allow the app to follow your movements during your visit to the pedestrian zone.

Course of the study

The participation to this study involves different steps. The MOTUS-app will guide you through four steps in total.

Step 1: Initial questionnaire

    Questions about your contact details, your work profile and your prior visits to the Pedestrian area are asked.

Step 2: Time use registration and movement tracking

    We ask you to register your time use in broad categories (e.g. ‘rest’, ‘commute’, ‘work’, etc.) during a period of two weeks. This will take less than 15 minutes per day. During these two weeks a tracker will register when you are in or near the pedestrian zone. If so, you may receive questions related to your use of the zone. The app will also track your journey in the pedestrian zone.

Important: your device will ask permission to track your movements by MOTUS. Please accept this. Outside the pedestrian area this function will not track your movements and after the study this function becomes inactive.

Step 3: After two-week questionnaire

    Some questions about your encounters with the pedestrian area during the past few weeks are asked.

Step 4: Background movement recording

    During another two weeks the MOTUS-app will track your movements in the pedestrian area. No extra questions will be asked. 


The MOTUS-app for mobile devices has been developed by the Research Group TOR of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 

In order to participate you need to download the application from the app stores:



You need a Username and Password to take part to the study.

Privacy and storage of your data

By taking part in this study you agree that your data can be used within the scope of this project by the Brussels Studies Institute’s Centre Observatory (BSI-BCO).  Researchers can contact you for more information or when something is not clear. At any point in time you can ask not to be contacted any more.

After the project, all data will be anonymized so that no link between the data and your personals details remain active. Your data will be stored on a protected server and no (personal) data will be shared with other parties outside of the project.

Partners and funder of the project

This research on the Brussels’ pedestrian area is conducted by the Brussels Studies Institute’s Centre Observatory (BSI-BCO). The Observatory studies the development of Brussels’ City Centre. This project is undertaken as a partnership between the Research Group TOR (VUB) and researchers from the BSI-BCO. The project is funded by the Forum Vies Mobiles.

Contact the researchers

The responsible researchers for this project are:

Joeri Minnen – Research Group TOR – Vrije Universiteit Brussel -– 0497/18.95.03

Gabrielle Fenton – BSI-BCO – Université Saint Louis –– 0486/33.87.29

Quentin Letesson – BSI-BCO – Université libre de Bruxelles –– 0486/40.21.82

What is the MOTUS Research Platform?

The MOTUS Research Platform hosts MOTUS Researches, divided over many scientific disciplines, policy domains, and business strategies. Overall, MOTUS Researches are studies with a strong emphasis on human behaviour and the context in which it takes place to get a better understanding of current and future behaviour.