About us

The MOTUS Software is the result of many years of experience in studying human behaviour trough time-use surveys of the Research Group TOR of the Sociology Department of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

About the Research Group TOR

The Research Group TOR or TOR in short was founded in 1982 as a group devoted to the study of time-use and the temporal structures of contemporary society. TOR conducted fundamental and applied research every since and experience built up through the collection of a number of databases, the graduation of a number of PhD students, and the commission of a number of research reports from governmental agencies.


In a world in which we leave many digital traces from WiFi connection attempts to grocery discount cards and from Internet search terms to the use of electronic entrance gates of the gym, we must be aware that all these data are nothing more than simple snapshots of everyday life. Without putting them into a social, temporal, spatial and environmental context, it will be hardly possible to understand, explain and change human daily behaviour.


The MOTUS Software will enable researchers and many others to design a research customised to their questions but able to provide the social, temporal, spatial and environmental context of daily human behaviour in addition to information captured by external devices.

What is the MOTUS Research Platform?

The MOTUS Research Platform hosts MOTUS Researches, divided over many scientific disciplines, policy domains, and business strategies. Overall, MOTUS Researches are studies with a strong emphasis on human behaviour and the context in which it takes place to get a better understanding of current and future behaviour.